3D Ion Milling With ± 1nm Z-Direction Accuracy


A new ion milling technique has been developed to produce complex 3-dimensional patterns on the nanometer length scale.  This is achieved through the accurate control of milling depth to within 1nm.  Conventional ion milling techniques produce pseudo 3D structures - stacks of flat-bottomed volumes, which limits their application.  Other techniques such as electron beam lithography are slow and are still not accurate enough to produce optically useful structures. 

Developed jointly by the National Physical Laboratory and the University of Surrey, this new ion milling technique allows the production of optically accurate features on the nanometer scale, such as the parabolic mirrors shown below.  The technique is also being considered for the production of master stamps for use in Nano Imprint Lithography.

The technique is the subject of an ongoing patent application.  An opportunity now exists to a licence the technology for specific uses, or to form a development partnership with us to explore new applications.

Technical specification:

Minimum feature size: 50nm
Maximum feature size: 150 micrometers
Depth accuracy (z): +/- 1nm
Milling rate: x volume in y seconds
Substrate types: Si, Quartz, and most other vacuum compatible substrates.
Patent Information:
For Information, Contact:
Uduak Koka
University of Surrey
Uduak Koka
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