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A patent-pending X-ray technology that provides novel image reconstruction algorithms and hardware for improved system structural characterisation, useful in both advanced biomedical imaging and airport security screening applications.

X-ray imaging is a well-established medical imaging technique as a non-invasive way to detect internal structures in the body. Conventional X-ray systems struggle in some instances with precise tissue characterisation impacting the accuracy of diagnosis and radiotherapy treatment planning. Improved characterisation between material constituents is also required where X-ray is employed for security screening.

University of Surrey academic Dr Lucia Florescu, in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania and University of Michigan, have developed a novel technology for X-ray tomographic imaging that enables comprehensive structural and tissue characterisation than existing X-ray imaging methodologies.
The imaging system provides novel software and hardware approaches, whereby the algorithms reconstruct simultaneously the attenuation coefficient at two energies as well as the electron density (scatter coefficients), all based on the same data. The dual-energy imaging can be used to better distinguish between two tissue constituents. The image is directly reconstructed by executing a prescribed mathematical algorithm on the transmitted and/or backscattered intensity of the scattered radiation propagating in a given direction.
This simplified approach relies on single-energy source and single-energy detection, significantly reducing the complexity of hardware.
The unique platform provides the following advantages:
• Superior tissue differentiation accuracy
• Simplified software
• Simplified and smaller hardware
• Cheaper device
• Reduced x-ray dose
• Faster imaging capabilities

• Diagnostic imaging
• Radiotherapy treatment planning imaging
• Airport security scanning

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Will Mortimore
University of Surrey
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